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Koshin Technical Training Institute was established by Rafiki Ya Maisha Kenya, a community-based organization (CBO), in collaboration with Rafiki Ya Maisha International based in Paris, France as a Vocational Training Centre. The Institute was registered by the Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) in April 2016 to operate as a Technical and Vocational Institution in accordance with TVET ACT. No 9 of 2013. The two organizations’ initial objective was to build a Youth Polytechnic (Vocation Training Centre) to benefit the youths within the location community. However, after consultations, a decision was reached in which the facility was handed over to the Government. It was recommended that it becomes a Technical Training Institute resulting in the birth of Koshin Technical Training Institute. In May 15th, 2017 the institute received a State of the Art, Electrical and Electronics equipment from China courtesy of the Ministry of Education (State Department of Vocational and Technical Training) resulting to establishment of well-equipped Workshops and Laboratories that has enabled us to offer Electrical and Electronics Engineering courses such as Instrumentation and Control, Telecommunication and Power options. We thank the Government of Kenya for the provision of this equipment. The construction of a multi-purpose hall that will accommodate at least 300 persons seated is complete, courtesy of Rafiki Ya Maisha International. This facility will be used to conduct Training, Seminars, Workshops, Research Conferences as well as showcasing and developing talent.


To offer technical training

To provide and promote life long learning.


To provide quality technical and entrepreneurship skills, research and innovation that meet the human resource needs in the public and private sector for industrial and societal sustainable development.


To be a Global Centre of excellence in quality technical, entrepreneurship training, research and innovation.


Huduma Bora ni Haki Yako

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